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Meet The
Team Leader

Jeff Cowart

Jeff has more than three decades of leadership and experience in government, public affairs, strategic messaging, and the news media, and more than a decade in direct health care leadership and management.

He served as Senior Vice President, Growth & Business Development for Vanguard Health Systems, in their San Antonio, Phoenix and Detroit markets and Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for Inova Health System in Falls Church, Virginia. His portfolio included brand positioning and communications strategy, innovative models for physician relationship engagement, and marketing and public affairs.

Before healthcare, his career focused on developing and implementing strategies related to public perception, message development, market positioning, issues management and crisis management for corporations and organizations, their individual leaders and political clients.

He is a former deputy chief of staff and press secretary for Louisiana Governor Charles E. “Buddy” Roemer and a veteran advisor to more than a dozen political candidate and issues campaigns in Virginia and Louisiana. His public affairs experience includes counsel to Major League Baseball, the Chicago Bulls; and a wide variety of corporate clients.

In media, his experience includes creating and delivering leadership development and organizational training for clients such as The Washington Post, the New York Times, the Tribune Company, Gannett, and a variety of other U.S. and Latin American media companies. Early in his career he served in positions of executive editor, managing editor, city editor, and investigative and political reporter for newspapers and a business journal in Louisiana, Florida and South Carolina.

He holds a master's degree in interdisciplinary humanities with a focus on developing critical thinking skills, and a bachelor's degree in journalism from Louisiana State University, and has served as an adjunct professor at LSU, Southern University and University of the Incarnate Word.

SVP Expertise Network

To achieve best results at lowest cost for our clients, we partner with and efficiently manage subject matter experts necessary to the task at hand.

We are a partner with  Romph & Pou, a comprehensive brand development, advertising and marketing agency with offices in San Antonio and Tyler, Texas, and Sheveport and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. With a national client base, the agency specializes precision-targeted marketing using its own SCORPIO sophisticated database, audience analytical tools and digital outreach techniques, as well as award-winning public relations, creative print, video, broadcast and website design and production.